Johan Van Rooyen Named New President-Elect of IFAMA

IFAMA is pleased to announce that Johan van Rooyen, Director, Standard Bank Centre for Agribusiness Leadership & Mentorship Development at Stellenbosch University in South Africa has been selected to serve as the next IFAMA President; a term beginning in June 2015-2017.

“I’m honored to be selected for this appointment,” said Van Rooyen “Globally, the ag sector faces some awesome challenges ahead and I believe IFAMA sits at the apex of finding solutions through engaging high-level thought leaders in industry, government, NGO’s, policy makers, academia and students.”

“Johan is a natural choice for IFAMA,” says current president, Thad Simons. “He understands IFAMA’s fundamental commitment to talent development in the ag sector and is able to straddle both the private and academia sectors. He is also the first IFAMA President to come from Africa which will help us continue to expand our global foot print on this continent,” said Simons.

Van Rooyen is Director of the Standard Bank Center for Agribusiness Development Leadership and a Professor in Agricultural Economics at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. He teaches agri-business strategy, agricultural and rural development and business problem solving at the universities of Stellenbosch, Free State, Pretoria, and the University of Ghent, Belgium.

Van Rooyen brings extensive agribusiness experience and industry know-how to IFAMA through his work previous work as CEO of the African Wine Industry Council and as Executive Director of the Agricultural Business Chamber of South Africa. As Co-Chair of program planning for the 2014 IFAMA conference in Cape Town, he was able to mobilize and partner with many local and global organizations to shine a spotlight on the issues impacting agribusiness in Africa.

“I’m looking forward to working at a new level of engagement in IFAMA,” said Van Rooyen. “The 2015 IFAMA conference in St. Paul, USA will roll out a new type of platform for IFAMA where all participants are engaged and contributing to the solutions.“

About the 2015 Agribusiness & Food World Forum

The 2015 Agribusiness & Food World Forum will focus on Innovation, Talent and Technology, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA on June 14-18. Interactive discussions and presentations focused on the common and binding factor that human talent and potential can achieve global nutritional security.

Structured conversations will identify the issues and linkages underscoring these thematic areas.
1. Food Security 2050
2. Food and Agribusiness Talent Flow
3. Climate-Smart Food and Agribusiness Systems
4. Deeper-Insight Solutions

The program is structured to produce science-based decision-making. Stakeholders will deliberate on the necessary public-private collaborations to facilitate development and execution of sustainable and superior solutions which explore opportunities designed to enhance individual organizations’ value innovation capacity.


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