Honoring Founder Ray Goldberg with the 2015 IFAMA Distinguished Service Award

The IFAMA Distinguished Service Award was presented to one of its founding fathers, Dr. Ray Goldberg for a lifetime of pioneering contributions to the field of agribusiness. We presented Dr. Goldberg with the award at the 25th Annual World Conference President’s Award Dinner in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The IFAMA Distinguished Service Award honors an individual whose pioneering contributions have made significant, transformational impacts to the global food and agribusiness system.

Through his acceptance speech, Dr. Goldberg talked about the effect of how collective support can encompass more people, discipline, non-profit and private sectors, and consumer activists to acknowledge the economic struggle in the food system.  By cooperating with AAEA (American Agriculutral Economics Association) we will be able to provide security, sustainability, and manage water and land resources effectively.

Dr. Ray Goldberg not only evoked the audience with a profound message valuing the chain of food production and consumption in the world but also drew awareness to the global food and agribusiness system impact.

IFAMA is delighted to recognize an honorable man whom not only showed the strength of a vigorous hard-working individual but one that evoked a heartfelt passion for helping the millions of people who get left behind in the food system today. Let him be a reminder, that even in today’s society with our advancing technology, we can too make a difference and excel to work towards Food Security in 2050.

Watch a recording of Dr. Ray Goldberg’s speech below:


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